Temperament Spectrum

November 17 – December 15, 2012
Sutton Gallery
254 Brunswick St
Fitzroy, VIC 3065

Temperament Spectrum is a group exhibition that marks the twenty-first anniversary of Sutton Gallery in Melbourne, Australia. Featuring works by all of Sutton Gallery’s currently represented artists, Temperament Spectrum reflects the breadth and depth of contemporary art practice presented by Sutton Gallery over the past two decades. The exhibition encompasses newly created works, as well as others selected from some of the gallery artists' past archives.

Temperament Spectrum addresses the various conceptual strategies that artists engage with in the creation of their work. Depiction, allegory, juxtaposition, and satire, to name a few, are strategies that inform how artists perform critical inquiry and ultimately, create meaning in their work today. Such modes of investigation may appear local in context, but are part of the contemporary global discourse surrounding broader notions of identity, gender, place, ecology, and technology, among others. Whether expressed through painting and sculpture or photography and performance, artists create work that speaks to the experience of contemporary existence.

Temperament Spectrum: Sutton Gallery, the first twenty-one years 1992-2012 will be launched in conjunction with the exhibition. This publication both documents and celebrates the many developments and achievements of Sutton Gallery in the past two decades. Contents include contributions by: Irene Sutton, Director, Sutton Gallery, in conversation with Dr. Chris McAuliffe, Director, Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne University; ‘Temperament Spectrum’ essay by Liza Statton; artists’ pages by all represented artists; archival photographs, as well as Sutton Gallery and Sutton Projects exhibition timelines.

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